1.2) Meet The Team Copy

The team started out small – just 4 or 5 writers tapping away at their keyboards in Matt’s home office. Very soon, the team started growing, and the office got an upgrade, complete with an ocean view!

Since the start of 2020, much of the team has become more remote, and our skill set has expanded. We’re now a company with a healthy balance of interns, freelancers, and a core team.

The team is young, eager to learn and hardworking. We’ve built a strong company culture of self-starters and independent workers.

Leadership Team

Our core leadership team is made up of a diverse group of individuals. Each bringing their own strengths and interests to support and drive the team.

Matt Davison – Founder & SEO Strategist

Matt started his marketing career in 2010, helping out in his moms businesses, since then he’s worked with many startups, as well as taking part in Google and Ycombinator incubators. He has a passion for helping others grow and seeing the world. SEO is his first love, with entrepreneurship following closely behind. When he’s not strategizing with the team or tinkering on sites until the early morning, you’ll usually find him in his garden, walking Rusty, or looking up plane tickets to visit another country.

Tammi Saayman – Managing Editor & Project Manager (comparenreview.co.za)

Always excited by new opportunities, Tammi is our treasured managing editor and the longest-standing member of our team. After starting her career in eLearning development, she realized that content marketing was her one true love. Tammi is a coffee connoisseur and spends most of her free time working on passion projects. That is when she’s not busy collecting quirky notebooks and pens or adding books to her TBR list.

A day in the life: My days are often filled with fielding questions about the many parts of content writing and editing- which I love answering. As well as writing, editing and quality checking for client work. I also get involved in as much training as I can, and enjoy many coffee breaks in between.

Alistair Pike – Content Strategist & Project Manager (extremepedia.com)

Alistair is a deep-diving, forward-facing strategist who loves helping his team members grow. With a flair for language and a hunger to learn, he’s usually tinkering with strategies, working on optimizations, and tackling full-scale audits. Making sure he’s got time for writing in between. Outside of the Travel Tractions office, you’ll find him keeping busy with his two favourite things: music and the great outdoors.

A day in the life: I wake up, flick on the kettle, and brew a cup of tea before checking my emails and messages. Then I like to plan my tasks for the day so that I know how best to tackle it. I usually spend some time tweaking and working on the projects that I manage. This entails checking in on performance, answering questions, updating SOPs, and making changes to the various sites. Then I dive into some content writing, editing, or client SEO tasks.

Tyla Oliver – Account Manager & Project Manager (ticketsntour.com)

Tyla is a fast-moving writer with a keen eye for SEO strategy and a passion for language. When she’s not busy typing up a storm, you’ll find her delving into optimizations, audits, and mines, or editing work for her fellow writers. Outside of the office, Tyla usually has her nose in a book, her toes in the sand, or you can find her hiking up the nearest mountain peak.

A day in the life: I start off my day answering client emails and keeping them up-to-date with the current status of their projects. Next up checking on deadlines and updating content orders and checking in with the team. I then dive headfirst into making SEO tweaks on their site, doing optimisations, writing, editing or getting involved with final checks. 

Panashe Hwata – Lead Developer

Panashe is a tech lover. From graphic design to web creation, he uses his imaginative mind to bring beautiful designs to life. During his spare time, you will find him playing soccer and video games or trying to gain some muscles in the gym.

A day in the life: After watching the news and checking how markets are performing, I spend the rest of my day designing, working on web builds.

Alexandra Hillyard – Lead Designer

Being an English and Philosophy graduate, Alex loves spending her days typing away and getting lost in creative projects. As well as having a passion for writing, Alex is striving towards mastering her design and SEO skills. When she’s not online, you’ll find her petting any animal she can get her hands on, planning trips around South Africa, and discovering the best coffee shops.

A day in the life: After a cup or three of coffee, my days are spent checking the task sheet and seeing where I can help out, and what needs some attention. I love spending a lot of time doing research for fun articles, catching up with the team, building profile links, and doing keyword research.

Kathryn Donoghue – Content Marketer

Kathryn studied Creative Brand Communications, specialising in Graphic Design, but during her degree she spent her spare time writing, hoping to one day become a master of both visual and written communication. She is currently studying an undergraduate degree in psychology and her honours in publishing studies, while training to be a counsellor. When not behind her desk, you’ll find her drawing, crafting or reading. She loves to travel and tries to find the most wonderfully unusual places in each city she goes to. Also, she really likes cats.

Küra Samouilhan – Content Creator & Project Manager (travellinginspain.com)

Küra loves to express the joys of life, and Travel Tractions is just the place to do it. Content writing gives her a chance to communicate and expand on things that she’s passionate about. These passions include travel, food, nature, and many things in-between. She’s an anthropology and sociology graduate who’s fascinated by people and what makes them happy. She also finds the time to teach English in South Korea, and explore as much as she can. Often with her best friend Sam or her twin, Katja.

A day in the life: After giving Rusty a scratch, I focus on finishing up my previous day’s work with a fresh eye. After lunch, I like to get stuck into editing, or I’ll start an interesting new client post.

Rusty The Office Dog

No one offers a better morning greeting than our loveable office furball. The team was asked to vote for new additions to our office, and an office dog won hands down. Beating typically cool agency items like coffee machines, table tennis, and beanbags. Rusty has since adopted said bean bags as his own. And if he’s not kicking back on one of them, he’s usually begging for a beach walk or hiding from intruders.


Our freelancers are usually interns who complete their internships and continue to work with us on a more part-time basis. For whatever reason, they are unable to commit to full time, but we are lucky enough to have them still in our team.

Emily Wolff-Haley

Emily is a cultural anthropology graduate that moved to Cape Town from California in 2019. She enjoys writing all different types of content, but travel writing is her favourite. Having been to 35 countries (and counting) herself, she loves learning about other cultures and ways of life first hand. When she’s not sitting behind a laptop keyboard, she’s sitting behind a piano keyboard. Music has always been a huge passion of hers and is another way for her to be creative.

Anton Marshall

Anton is a former Lifestyle and Entertainment writer, working for amongst others Rolling Stone South Africa, Channel 24 and others. Inexplicably, he also spent some time working a few hot corporate accounts in Public Relations. He’s been a freelance writer and content creator since 2013. Alongside all that, he’s also been a part-time musician but prefers remote writing and content creation work as a main focus. he mostly avoids crowds, though he loves to travel, eat and follow social justice issues in the news.

Part-Time And Intern Creators

Our interns are a vital part of our team. While they are learning they are also bringing their skills, passion, and energy and helping us create outstanding content for internal projects and clients.

Amy Sparg

Amy was hired as an intern writer and has found a love for all things digital. Apart from expressing her ideas creatively and aspiring to dabble in code, she digs adventure and the outdoors, from equestrian riding to surfing – and everything in between.

Leah Alves

Leah is a digital nomad with a propensity for words and insatiable curiosity. She loves getting stuck into writing a variety of content and editing, too. Her goal is to tackle new challenges and develop a range of essential skills under the tutelage of the awesome Travel Tractions’ team. When she’s not behind her computer you’ll find her cooking up a storm, searching for adventures in the mountains or cosying up with a book.

Richard Upton

Richard studied film and television, he has managed media and videography departments, he has a passion for development and growth. Richard has worked closely with top international film production houses based in Cape Town over the years. Apart from film Richard has a passion for African contemporary art. 

Richard enjoys an exciting life filled with adrenaline he started racing in go-karts at the young age of 7 and has won a South African championship on the long circuit as well and representing South Africa in Finland for the 2017 Inex legends world finals. 


That’s the team so far! Once an intern has passed their three months and is set to stay on a bit longer, we add them to the list. We’re looking forward to seeing your name added 😉

Over To You

So now you know more about the rest of the team, we’d love to learn more about you! Post an introduction in the Slack #Random channel – introduce yourself in 200 words and answer some or all of the following questions:

  • Your name
  • Where you’re from
  • Your experience/what you’ve been doing up until now
  • What you’re most eager to learn about
  • Your hobbies & passions
  • Share a photo if you like, so we can put a face to the name 🙂

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