1.3) What To Expect From This Internship Copy

This internship has been designed to benefit everyone involved. At The Marketing Mill, we all love teaching (almost as much as we love learning). So the harder you work, and the more you’re willing to learn and improve, the more we can offer you.

What You’ll Learn

We focus on SEO in everything we do, from content to web development. During your internship, you’ll learn about our processes and how we do the work we do. We’ll also make sure you’re given the chance to master any (or all) of the following:

  • Writing for the web (structure; images; linking)
  • SEO basics and how to incorporate it into your writing
  • Editing
  • Keyword research
  • Linkbuilding for SEO
  • Other aspects of digital marketing (social media, audits, strategy, PPC, etc.)
  • Website development, design, and maintenance

Internship Breakdown

Your internship will last 6 months if all goes well. And we’ve broken those months into phases of learning and practice to turn you into strong, SEO-focused team members.

Month 1, 2 and 3

Your first 3 months will be spent learning about what we do at The Marketing Mill and putting that knowledge to practice. Each month your KPI will increase slowly and you’ll continue to expand your skills and knowledge. We’ll balance your time between reading or watching videos, attending online workshops, and writing content.

Months 4 – 6

These months will be focused more on finding what you’re most passionate about in the digital marketing sphere. You’ll be given the chance to explore the things you enjoy, and we’ll offer guidance and feedback to help you discover your passion. We’ll also go more in-depth into learning whatever it is you’re most drawn to (web design, editing, link building, etc.).

Your Mentor

At the end of month one, you’ll be given a mentor. This person is there to help and guide you through this internship. While the whole team can answer questions and assist in work, your mentor will be your personal point of contact.

We like asking who you feel would be your best mentor, so take the first month to get to know the leadership team and decide who you’d like to be your mentor. It’s a good idea to pick your mentor based on the direction you would like to take during your time here (i.e. if you’re interested in account management then our account manager is the best fit). But remember that the rest of the team is still available to help.

How The Team Works

We’ve created a great company culture, made up of self-starters and passionate workers. We’re also incredibly lucky in that we can work wherever we like. But for the company to run smoothly with all the freedom we have, there are a few things that each team member has to contribute to.

This is important – TAKE NOTES.

Key Performance Indicator / Target Workload

From your very first month, you’ll be given a KPI – this is a minimum expected amount of work that needs to be done.

We use KPI points because we don’t expect you to work any strict hours, and so this is the best way to make sure everyone is doing their part. You’ll get KPI points for any task that you do, including writing, editing, and anything else you are asked to do.

Those not hitting their own KPI create more work for others, so if someone isn’t meeting their KPI for the month, there will be consequences. If you’re unable to meet your KPI for whatever reason, speak to Matt or your mentor as soon as possible (this should be in the middle of the month and not later than the 20th).

We can work out a way to help, but don’t leave it to the last minute.


Our entire company works on smooth and efficient communication. You’ll learn more about our communication channels in a few lessons, but it’s important to note that this is the foundation of our remote-working, digitally-focused team.


Each week, we have a video call meeting with the entire team. This happens on a Monday morning at about 10:30 am (times may vary, but we’ll keep you updated in Slack).  The link is shared in the Slack #General channel and you simply need to click on it to join.

It’s not mandatory to attend as we record them and share a video link for you to catch up. But, we like to foster a team mentality so please join us when you can!

It’s important that you take the ±30 mins to watch this at some point on a Monday (if you weren’t able to attend). We’ll often use these meetings to update the team on any changes, new clients, etc. so you’ll want to be in on any info we share.


Another important pillar of our company is honesty. We expect each team member to be honest with us about their work and let us know if they need help or have any trouble.

We can’t help with something we don’t know about.

If you make a mistake, tell someone so they can help fix it. If you’re having personal problems, let Matt know so he can help figure out how it will affect work. We’re a very open company and expect each team member to be open too.

Work Ethic

Our team has to have a good work ethic. With many of us working independently, there is no one to ‘babysit’ you and make sure you do your work.

We don’t micromanage, so if you’re watching Netflix or spending a little too much time with friends, we’ll see it in your KPI and it will be addressed.


We don’t work on time, and many of us work remotely, so accountability is important.

This means that everyone is responsible for their own work. It’s up to you to make sure that your work is done well, and submitted on time.

It’s also up to you to ensure that you have work to do – but we’re always here to help, just ask. If you feel like you have free time, pop a message in the training channel and there’s bound to be a task that you can take charge of.


We believe that “feedback makes you grow”. Which is why we implemented a feedback system.

When you make a mistake, it’ll go into our feedback sheet, and a few points will be removed from your total KPI. This is not as much to punish as it is to help everyone stay accountable and to keep us all learning from our mistakes.

If you find someone’s work needs to be added to the feedback sheet, chat to one of the leadership team members – this could be bad editing, ill advice, not communicating, etc.

Performance Reviews

At the end of each month, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire, after which you’ll book a meeting with Matt and your mentor.

These meetings serve as a ‘check-up’ to see how you’re doing, if you’re still happy, and if there’s anything you need from us. These are incredibly important to do and must be booked before the 10th of each month (the link to this can be found later on in this course).


We use levels to keep track of how far along everyone is in their learning and skills development.

When you start your internship, you’ll be at level 0. Once you’ve learned the basics of adding SEO to your content, and can write info posts and list posts, you’ll be a level 1.

Level 2 will usually happen once you’ve learnt how to write for clients and have more experience with different posts. Later on, when you have more experience with content upgrades, optimisations, and technical transactional content, you’ll move on to level 3.

All of our tasks are graded by levels, so keep your level in mind when picking tasks throughout the next 3 months. And check in with your mentor if you’d like to work on something to move up a level.

Over To You

Now that you have a better idea about what you can expect from this internship, take a moment to think about what you REALLY want to gain after your 6 months are up. Do you want:

  • Work experience for your CV?
  • A full-time job at The Marketing Mill?
  • New skills to start your own company/freelance?

Open up a Google Doc and write down 3 – 5 things you hope to achieve/receive once the internship is over, and then keep it somewhere so you can check back on in the future. 

Once you’ve completed that, click on ‘Complete’ and move on to the next section of this course.