11) How to Claim a Task

For the duration of your internship, you’ll be selecting tasks from our Internal Task Management Sheet. This sheet is accessed by the entire team and holds all of our most important task details.

The sheet has a few tabs and uses a magical formula to make many of the tabs talk to each other. It keeps track of who is doing what, how much they’re doing, and where they’re doing it. So it’s important that you get acquainted with it before you start working on it.

Here’s What You’ll Find on Each Tab


This tab contains ALL of our tasks. Most content is added in by account managers, but if you do other tasks (like social media and design) you’ll need to add those to the sheet.

This tab has a few important columns:

task management


This tab contains your KPI points for all the tasks you do. It’s quite an important tab, since this is how we determine if you have reached your potential each month.

You’ll find your total points at the top. This combines:

  • Written words
  • Edited words (you get 20% of the words you edit)
  • Links built (points for link building are determined according to each link’s power)
  • Uploads (if you upload to WordPress)
  • Final checks (for second checks on work)
  • Feedback (this can be both positive and negative points)

You’ll find the other sections of points below, so you can see how much of each task you’re doing.

There’s also an explanation of how many points you get for each task, as well as points that can be lost due to errors in your work.


This tab contains all of our projects, internal and clients. You’ll find the project (or website) name, a status sheet for each one, and a contact name and email.

The project status sheets are VERY important. These contain SOPs for each project, which explains tone of voice, formatting preferences, and other important info.

The status sheet also contains all tasks done for the project – and WordPress login details (for all projects that we upload for – which is not all clients).

This tab also shows how many words have been written for the project.


This tab contains feedback from clients and the team. You’ll get points added for good client feedback, great work done, and each team member can allocate 500 points to members they feel have done a great job during the month.

You’ll lose points for errors in your work. This is used to help everyone improve their work, and to make sure we’re all following processes. It can suck to lose points, but it helps to know where you can improve.


This tab contains our important SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) documents. If you haven’t done a task in a while, this tab can be helpful in refreshing your memory.

NB: If you feel we’re missing a training doc, let us know! We love improving and adding to our resources.


This tab contains some of our most important tools. This includes logins for Search Console, Ahrefs and other tools you’ll find yourself needing during your internship.


This tab contains all the information of links that have been built. It also helps to pull through points for link building.


This tab contains links to Google Docs and Loom videos of all our weekly meetings and workshops.

If you miss a weekly meeting, it’s important to catch up on the recording. And if you can’t make a workshop it’s recommended to watch the video.

You’ll get points for every workshop you attend (unfortunately if you miss the workshop and do watch the video, you can’t claim points for that).

How To Pick Up Your Tasks From The Sheet

Here’s a handy video showing how to pick up tasks from the sheet. The steps are vital to make sure everything talks to each other properly.

Over to You

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