2.2) Team Communication Copy

Since we’re a widely spread team, working remotely, communication is vital to our success. Here’s how we communicate with each other.


slack logo

We use Slack for our Team communication. You’ll be added into the Travel Tractions slack workspace. From there, you will have access to direct message all team members, as well as the following channels:

#Training – This the channel to ask about anything you aren’t sure of.

#Content – This channel is for all content. This is where you will post everytime you pick up and complete a post. Paste your live links in here when you’ve published a post.

#Editing – This is the channel to paste asana tasks with content that needs to be edited.

#General – use this channel for any general questions, interesting info that you want to share with the whole team.

#Off-late-leave-sick – if you’re running late, logging on/off or need to remind us that you’re off that day, use this channel.

#Random – This is the fun channel! Share your newest playlist, your pimped-out workspace, or any other ‘water-cooler’ chat.

Once you start working on different projects and services (like audits and link-building) you’ll be added to these specific channels. Each project that we work on continuously will also have its own channel. These will include internal websites, retainer clients, etc.

NB: You’ll need to download this app onto your laptop AND your phone. ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST HAVE SLACK ON THEIR PHONES.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is used for calls when you’re not in the office, or need to contact someone who’s not in the office. Start a call and share the link in Slack. If you need to join a call, follow the link shared with you and join the call.

Over To You

Before we go any further, let’s make sure you’re going to be able to communicate with the team. You should already have a Slack login, so now you need to download the app onto your phone.

You can adjust Slack’s settings to only send you messages to your phone if you’re away from your laptop for a certain period of time, and you can snooze notifications after a certain time at night (i.e from 10 pm to 5 am).

Google hangouts is available with your Gmail login so that’s an easy one.

All done? Great! You’re all set!

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