24) Month 3 Overview

Can you believe you’re on Month 3 already?! Crazy. Now that we’ve covered all the areas of content and learnt how to use SEO to improve our writing, we’re going to look at making money with that same content.

This month you’ll be writing a lot more, learning about transactional content, and upskilling by trying out a few advanced SEO content tasks.

What You’ll Learn

  • Affiliate marketing and transactional content
  • How to write using affiliate marketing
  • A little bit about optimising old content for SEO purposes
  • Some content upgrading
  • Writing for different clients
  • Editing

What’s Expected of You

By the end of this month you’ll need to have completed:

  • Your target KPI – this the most important aspect of Month 3
  • Write at least one affiliate-based post
  • Do one optimisation
  • Do one content upgrade
  • Write at least one post for a client

A Few More Notes

Month 3 is a bit more fast-paced and a lot more exciting. You’ve hurdled over all the basic yet necessary lessons, and now we’re going to use your knowledge to create killer content. There’s still tons to learn, but you’ll get to know everything as you go.

This month your minimum KPI points have increased to:

Full-time intern KPI: 30 000 words

Part-time intern KPI: 15 000 words

Failure to reach your KPI will result in the premature end of your internship.

What Now?

Month 3 is where things really start to get interesting! You’ve made it this far, and we’re so excited to see you reach your full potential.

Your KPI is quite a bit higher now, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Stay consistent and keep the lines of communication strong and you’ll do a great job.

Now, you guessed it, follow this link to our Month 3 Asana task, duplicate the task, assign it to yourself, and tick off the tasks as you go.

Click ‘Complete’ to move on to the next lesson.