29) Basics of Link Building

Welcome to link building 101! In this section, we’re having a look at an overview of link building.

What is link building?

Why is it important?

And how do I go about writing a link building or guest post?

All these questions are answered below.

What Is Link Building?

Essentially, link building is getting links to your website, or a client’s, on other websites.

Why Do We Do Link Building?

The aim of building links is to gain authority from Google. One of the ways Google tries to analyze a website, to figure out its authority, is by analyzing other websites that link to it.

You can see a link from another website to yours as a ‘vote’. This vote is telling Google that the information on your site has value. Basically, building high-quality, high-authority links is a sure way to get your website to rank in the SERPs.

For example, if a very strong website, like Times Magazine, links to your website it will transfer some of its authority to your website.

What Are The Main Ways We Do Link Building?

There are a few main ways that we go out and build links.

They are:

  • Profile
  • Directory
  • Comment
  • Submission
  • Forum
  • Link Insert
  • Niche Edits
  • Press Release
  • Guest Post

We will be focusing on the last way to build links, guest posts! These are where your content writing skills come in to play, and where you’ll get your first feel of link building.

What Is A Guest Post?

A guest post is a piece of content written for a third party site, referred to as the host site. The content will contain a link to one of our sites (or a client’s site) and will become a backlink to that site.

The Aim Of A Guest Post

The main aim of a guest post is to build a link to your website on an article you’re writing for the host site.

But we also want to write an informative, SEO-rich article that is going to rank well on Google. By creating well-written content, you’re showing the host site that you are able to add value to their site. This is done in the hopes that you’re able to grow your relationship with them and work together again in the future. Content that ranks well also boosts the authority of the backlink, making it a win-win!

Over to You

There’s a lot more to link building than what we’ve just gone over, but you’ll learn more about this further on into your internship.

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