3) Creating a Persona

Personas are created for many reasons. At The Marketing Mill, we use personas for our link building. Read the lesson below and then complete the task at the end.


How to Create a Persona

  • Get an internal site to work on from the Slack #Training channel.
  • Based on the site you get, you will need to create a persona. Take some time to read through the site and get an idea of the type of reader the site attracts. For some inspiration, you can check out some previous persona examples here and here.
  • Now it’s time to create your persona. You’ll start by creating a generic Gmail account for this person and saving the login details. Send a message to the Slack #Training channel with these details and someone will check them.

Tip: Take a look at this example persona’s information. Set up a Google Sheet and fill in the given fields in a similar way to this example. Include information about his or her interests, a bio, age, and country of birth. The more information you have, the more real the person becomes! Feel free to ask a senior member to look at your sheet afterwards. They’ll give you some helpful pointers.

Using Your Persona

  • Now, using your persona, create an account for this person on Tripoto.
  • Find a profile picture that fits your persona (for both Tripoto and Gmail) by refreshing this page until you find an appropriate picture.
  • Publish a fictitious trip on Tripoto that your persona has done based on the persona and website you were given in the #training channel. It should be 500 words in length. The trip can be based on a real trip you’ve done or on a trip you would like to do. It should fit the website you were given (e.g. if it’s a honeymoon website, write about your honeymoon to Cape Town). You should also add a link to the website you’ve based your persona on. Post this on Tripoto and share the link in the Slack #Training channel. Someone will read and check it for you.
  • Find a question in the Tripoto forum to answer (this should take less than 30 minutes). In your answer, put a link to your published Tripoto story. Try and make it as natural as possible.
  • Ask a question in the forum. This can be anything your persona might want to ask. E.g. Where are the best countries to go on safari? Or: Where should I go for my honeymoon?


Over to You

Your first task is to create a persona using the above steps. This is a great way to put yourself in the shoes of a potential reader for one of our internal sites. Understanding a site’s readers can help you to write better content and connect with your readers. 

Create an Asana task and remember to document all details and links in this task. Ask in the Slack #Training channel if you have any questions.

Once you’ve shared your links, click ‘Complete’ and move on to the next lesson.