30) Writing a Guest Post for Link building

A link building post is also a guest post. We’ll write a post for what is called the ‘host site’ and make a link to the ‘client site’. There are a few important things to keep in mind when writing one of these posts:

  1. The link – make sure you have the correct link, this would have been chosen during a link building strategy and is essential.
  2. The anchor text – another incredibly important part. You must hyperlink on the EXACT anchor text that you are given.
  3. The placement of the link – ideally, we add our ‘client site’ link before other external links in the post. This generally puts the link in the top half of the post.

Other things to note:

  • Check out the ‘host site’ if you can, try to gauge the style of writing and mirror it to make sure your post fits on the site.
  • You should ensure there are both internal links (to the ‘host site) and external links (non-competitors) in this post.
  • Our main job is to make sure the ‘client site’ link is placed in the post, but we also want to offer the ‘host site’ a quality post. We have gained quite a number of clients after writing spectacular SEO content for their sites as guest posts.

Over to You

It’s now time to write your first guest post! These are often highly strategic posts and are not always available. Speak to your mentor, and they can help arrange for you to write one as soon as it’s available.

Complete this post using the guest post template in Asana.

Once you’ve completed your first guest post, click on ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.