Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are similar to optimisations, except that we are now adding a certain number of words (usually ±1000).

Note: It’s best to do an optimisation before trying your hand at an upgrade.

Steps to Completing an Upgrade

Step 1: Go through steps 1 – 7 of a content optimisation

Step 2: Research and plan where and what content to add

Step 3: Add your content, following the original post’s voice and layout

Step 4: Proofread the entire post

Step 5: Check all links – make sure they work and are relevant

Step 6: Do one more check that your keywords are added correctly into headings and text

Step 7: Send the post to be edited, then go through the completion process

Note: Content upgrades do not need the sheet that optimisations use.


Here are a few common questions answered.

What Makes A Good Option For A Content Upgrade?

  • Thin pages that contain fewer words than competitors’ ranking pages for the same keyword
  • Existing GSC data that can be used
  • Fits the niche of the site and will help build authority
  • Potential for affiliates (if relevant)

Adding Content – Without Guidance From The Client – How Is This Decided?

If you don’t have much to go on from the brief as to what content to add, it’s best to take a look at 3 things:

  1. What is already ranking?
  2.  What does similar content look like on the site?
  3. What do the keywords say?

Some website owners prefer to combine all information into one post, while others will have 4 or 5 posts around the same topic. So before you add information, take a look at how the site is laid out.

The keywords are extremely important, so if you have a good keyword that hasn’t been used, it is likely a good H2 opportunity.

How Much Of The Original Content Should Be Edited?

We don’t want to remove the original voice from the content. So we will only edit the following:

  • Spelling & grammar errors
  • Incorrect or outdated content
  • Adding keywords into content

Making Sure The Content Follows The Original Voice

The most important part of a content upgrade is that the content doesn’t LOOK like two different writers wrote it. So for writers and editors, checking the voice, structure, and formatting all blends in is vital.

Over to You

Now it’s time for you to find a content upgrade and practice this new information yourself. As usual, check the task sheet for a task that is high priority – the level may be higher than your own, that’s fine because you need to learn to do these to level up.

Speak to your mentor before grabbing an upgrade.

Once you’ve complete your first content upgrade, click ‘Complete’ and go on to the next lesson.