Month 1 Overview

This month is the start of your internship. You’ll be reading lots of guides, learning our processes, and getting your feet wet in SEO content.

Important tools for this month:

  • Make sure you have a Gmail account that you can use for work. We save all of our work in Google Drive so this is important.
  • You’ll be added to our Slack workspace. Most of our communication in the team happens here.
  • You’ll be added to Asana. Every task you work on should be recorded in Asana. We have template tasks to help you step-by-step, and we use tagging and assigning throughout our task process.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to write for the web
  • How to do keyword research
  • SEO basics
  • A treasure trove of processes and standard operating procedures to manage your time and work to your full potential

What’s Expected of You

The first month will be spent learning about keyword research and content creation. It is vital you understand keyword intent, know where to find images and how to structure posts/pages, as well as learn the very basics of WordPress.

By the end of this month you’ll need to have completed:

  • SEO for beginners guide
  • Test on topics above (25 questions) – Pass mark of 70%
  • Your target KPI
  • 5+ keyword research sets that have been checked by a senior team member

A Few More Notes

The #Training channel is where you can ask questions, share your work, and learn from each other. Don’t be shy, we love answering questions and helping. This channel will be your main point of contact during this month. Whenever you pick up a task, post it in the #Training channel – then post it to be edited and when you complete it as well.

You have a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) target. This is to make sure that you are producing an amount of work while you are here. A lot of the team is remote, and we don’t tie anyone to strict hours, so make sure you hit your KPI and you’ll be fine.

Full-time intern KPI: 10 000 words

Part-time intern KPI: 5000 words

Failure to do so will result in the premature end of your internship.


What Now?

This section of the course will take you through the most important tasks in your first month. You’ll be learning more than just this, depending on what’s happening in the company, but it’s important to work your way through these next lessons throughout your month.

First, follow this link to our Month 1 Asana task, duplicate the task, assign it to yourself, and tick off the tasks as you go.

Click on ‘Complete’ to move on to your first lesson in this section.