Month 2 in Review

Another month complete and you’re on a roll! This month you should have gained a much better idea of the type of content that we write, and how to write them.

By now, you should be able to write multiple variations of SEO content with a healthy balance of quality words and keywords.

What You Learnt

  • Different types of SEO content
  • How to write each type of content
  • Basics of link building for SEO
  • How to write for our clients

What You Should Have Completed

  • ‘Blogging for Business’ course on ahrefs
  • At least one piece from each type of SEO content
  • Your target KPI
  • 10+ keyword research sets that have been checked by a senior team member

What Now?

It’s time to fill out another Performance checkup and book a meeting with Matt. This time, you’ll add your mentor’s email as a guest when you book your meeting so that they can sit in and join the check-in.

*Remember to do this before the 10th of each month to avoid penalties.

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