Month 2 Overview

Welcome to Month 2 of your Content Marketing Internship! This month we’ll take a more in-depth look into the types of SEO content that we write on an almost daily basis. You’ll learn the difference between each type, how they should be written, and their purpose in the world of SEO.

By the end of this month, you should be more efficient in content writing for various websites and comfortable with different types of blog posts.

What You’ll Learn

  • Different types of SEO content
  • How to write each type of content
  • Basics of link building for SEO
  • How to write for our clients

What’s Expected of You

By the end of this month you’ll need to have completed:

  • ‘Blogging for Business’ course on ahrefs
  • At least one piece from each type of SEO content
  • Your target KPI
  • 10+ keyword research sets that have been checked by a senior team member

A Few More Notes

This month you should start integrating into our other Slack channels. You’ll post in the #Content channel when you pick up and complete a post, and post your editing into the #Editing channel.

You’ll also have chosen now have your mentor who will be able to guide you on a one-on-one basis.

But we still want you to use the #Training channel for any questions that you have.

  • Full-time intern KPI: 20 000 words
  • Part-time intern KPI: 10000 words

Failure to do so will result in the premature end of your internship.

What Now?

Let’s not waste any more time. This month you’ll have a lot more writing to do, with learning in between. It’ll be a good start to learning how to manage your time and productivity.

First, follow this link to our Month 2 Asana task, duplicate the task, assign it to yourself, and tick off the tasks as you go.

Once you have your Asana task, click ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.