Month 3 in Review

Month 3 is complete and in the bag! Hopefully, you found this month exciting, insightful and challenging in the best way. The learning doesn’t stop here, but we’re pretty sure we can now say that you know your way around SEO.

From here, you’ll have time to get a taste of other SEO skills, and we’ll try to help you gravitate towards the area that best helps you grow and offer value to the team.

What You Learnt

  • Affiliate marketing and transactional content
  • How to write using affiliate marketing
  • A little bit about optimising old content for SEO purposes
  • Some content upgrading
  • Writing for different clients
  • Editing

What You Should Have Completed

  • Your target KPI
  • At least one affiliate-based post
  • One optimisation
  • One content upgrade
  • At least one post for a client

What Now?

It’s that time of the month – fill out your Performance checkup* and book a meeting with Matt. Again, add your mentor’s email as a guest. This is where you’ll be able to discuss the next steps in your internship, as well as look back on how you think it’s gone so far.

*Remember to do this before the 10th of the month to avoid penalties.

There’s one last quiz for you to complete, so when you’re ready click on the quiz below. Good Luck 🙂