SEO for Beginners

Your first task is to read the SEO for Beginners Guide. This is long and extensive. It may test your reading enjoyment for the next few days.

But it contains a treasure trove of knowledge, and will introduce you to plenty of SEO gems of wisdom. Even interns who have worked with SEO before have learnt something from this guide.

Read SEO for Beginners here.

It may take you a few days, feel free to spend 2 – 3 hours per day reading for ±3 days. The rest of the hours can be spent on the next lessons in this course.

Over to You

When you’ve completed your reading, create a Google Doc inside your Internship folder and write ‘5 interesting things that I’ve learnt about SEO’.

Then add the link to an Asana task and share this in the Slack #Training channel. It should be 5 things that the guide has taught you – or helped you understand better – and be between 250 and 500 words.

This is just to see that you have read & understood things, and to see where your level of SEO is. It will also help you with the intern test later on.

Since this guide will take a few days, bookmark the guide and then click on ‘Complete’ so that you can continue on to the next lesson so long.