Working Remotely

Here at The Marketing Mill, we’re really fond of location-independent working. We love to travel, so taking our work with us to all the corners of the world is our mission.

But working remotely can be a challenge to some. So here are a few things to keep in mind:


This is the most vital part of successful remote working. Without communication, our team would not work as well as it does.

We use a whole lot of communication tools (which you’ll learn about further on into the course) and they’re all online and easy to use. The most important one is Slack.

We require all team members to have Slack on their phones – you’re allowed to snooze notifications during sleeping hours, but otherwise, you should be contactable.

Remember to ask questions, let us know if you’re battling with something, and share your wins as well! We also require daily check-ins and check-outs.

Checking in

You are free to work flexible hours but we still need ±8 hours of your time per day (for full-time interns – ±4 hours if you’re part-time).

We have a Slack channel called #off-late-leave-sick where we all keep the team updated on our working hours. It’s important to log on and off in this channel, but we don’t need to know every time you leave your desk to make coffee 😉

This channel is also used to update the rest of the team if you’re not available for the day so that we don’t try and contact you with any urgent tasks.

Good examples of check-ins:

“Morning! I’m online.”

“Taking an hour lunch break.”

“Logging off for the day.”

“Not feeling well – taking the rest of the day to rest.”

“I’ll be offline today – see you all online tomorrow.”

Not-so-good examples:

“Stepping away for 10 mins.” (a short break is good – and doesn’t need to be logged)

“Taking a 15-minute break to stretch.” (same here – we encourage stretching)

“Online today until 5pm.” (Always log off so the team can see when you’re off)

“Sorry I was unavailable yesterday – wasn’t feeling well.” (don’t go the whole day without telling the team)

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Everyone at Travel Tractions has a KPI – or Key Performance Indicator – this is a minimum requirement, a certain amount of work that you need to do each month. During your internship, this will start off low and continue to rise each month until you reach the average for your job description.

While working from home, and not in an office, KPIs can seem tricky. The aim is to divide your KPI into the number of days you work in a month. Then make sure you’re reaching a consistent level of work each day, or each week. This will prevent you from rushing your work towards the end of the month, resulting in mistakes and often low-quality work.

If you’re finding things to be hard, or you’re not really sure what your KPI is, ask one of the leadership team members for help/clarification.

Tips for Working at Home

If you’ve never worked remotely before, you may feel somewhat unprepared for it. A lot of discipline and routine goes into making sure a home space works as an office as well. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure you have a secure internet connection – everything we do is online, so without this, you will be frustrated, and find it hard to complete your work.
  • Find an area with a table, that’s separate from your bed or couch. This will help keep your brain focused during work time, and relaxed during your free time.
  • This area should ideally be free from too many distractions, and if you live with others it should be free from their noise and disruptions.
  • Leave work at the table – it can be tempting, and we’ve all been guilty of it, but try not to stay online for work 24/7. Eventually, this catches up with you and you’ll end up burnt out and often not enjoying work as often anymore.
  • Communicate with friends and family about your working hours so that they understand that just because you’re not leaving the house for an office, doesn’t mean you’re not busy.
  • If you’re feeling stressed working at home, try to figure out what’s not working (perhaps your dogs barking at the neighbours, or maybe just that you’re too close to the window and the sun is in your eyes). Tweak things until it feels right.

Just because we’re not in an office together, doesn’t mean we’re not a close team. No matter where we are in the world, we always find a way to connect, catch up and have a few laughs.

Here are some of our team’s home office spaces…

TT working remotely
Remote Working at The Marketing Mill

Over To You

You’ve seen some of our workspaces, now show us yours! Take a photo of the place where you’ll be doing most of your work and share it in the Slack #Random channel.

After sharing your image, you can click on ‘Complete’ and move on to the next lesson.