Writing a List Post

List posts are quite easy to write and are popular posts in SEO content. A list post is often an info post, but not all info posts are list posts. The most important thing to remember when writing a list post is to have a list of the top items in your topic.

These Posts Usually Include Lists Of:

  • Activities
  • Steps
  • Facts
  • Places
  • Products

How to Write a List Post

  • Find your list items, i.e. things to do. Make sure that these are the *best* items that you can add.
  • Keep your heading structure solid. Some list posts have the items as h2s, but if you have any other headings in the post (for instance, writing things to do Malta you might add ‘Where is Malta’ as your first h2) then make your items h3s under an h2 (e.g ‘top things to do in Malta’).

Over to You

List posts are extremely common in what we do – check out the task management sheet for a list post that is a level 1 and above priority 7. Claim one that catches your eye and craft a list post based on what you’ve just learnt.

Complete this post using the internal post template in Asana.

Once you’ve completed your first list post, click on ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.