Writing a Product Review

Product posts are usually written when we want to compare or review products. This typically leads to affiliate sales, however, this is not always the case.

These posts can contain one single product or multiple products. They can use a variety of affiliates as well.

Finding Products

If you’re not given the product(s) to write, then you’ll need to search for them yourself. To do this effectively, look for products that:

  • Are well-reviewed
  • Are easily available (if the product isn’t found or isn’t available then it doesn’t help much to write about it)
  • Fit the theme (if you’re writing about ‘top hats for summer’, you don’t want to add a warm winter beanie)

How to Find Product Information

Most of the time, we’ll be writing about products that we have not tried ourselves. So how do we review them?

We gather our information using the product descriptions as well as customer reviews. You can also find YouTube videos, and other review posts. Don’t copy the information, but combine all that you find and write it in your own words.

Be sure that your information is factual and accurate, so check out a few reviews and not just one or two.

Questions To Answer When Writing A Product Review

When you’ve found your information and you’re ready to start writing your review(s) here are a few points to keep in mind.

1) WHO is this product or hotel most likely to be a good fit for? Think about the type of person who would wear, use, or visit.

2) WHAT makes this product or hotel different from others in the same category? This is where you can get into details on design, aesthetic, how it looks/feels, the general vibe of it.

3) WHEN is this product or hotel a worthwhile investment? Example: Spa hotel when you need to relax/de-stress, Adults-only hotel when you need a romantic getaway with nothing to distract you from each other, All-inclusive hotel when you have parents and kids who all want to do different things, etc.

4) WHERE is this product best used? Is the sneaker better for running on pavement, muddy and uneven hiking trails, or casual city/resort wear?

5) WHY does this product/hotel matter, and WHY is it “the best”? This is usually a great closing line/section, telling the reader clearly what problem the product/hotel will help solve for them or how it will make their life better (without literally saying “it will make your life better”).

Over to You

Practice makes perfect – head to our task sheet and find a product review that is high priority and at your level. Write it using our tips above.

If you’re battling to find one, chat to your mentor so they can help. 

Once you’ve completed your first product review post, click on ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.