Writing an Accommodation Affiliate Post

A popular post type for travel sites is accommodation guides. These help readers find places to stay while they are visiting new places – while helping the website owner earn affiliate income.

accommodation review

Types of Accommodation Affiliate Posts

  • Single hotel reviews
  • ‘Where to stay’ posts
  • Best (accommodation types) in (destination)

Common Types of Accommodation

  • Hotels
  • Airbnbs
  • Backpackers – hostels
  • Camping & glamping

Finding Accommodations

Finding accommodation is very similar to finding other review items like products and activities.

What to Write

When writing about hotels and other accommodation types, we want to combine all of the information available in one place. Making it easier for the reader to find their ideal place to stay.

This is done by using third-party sites, official sites for accommodations and reviews. Focus on information that is helpful and valuable for the reader.

Include points such as:

  • Who is the accommodation ideal for? Some places are adults-only, some are best for students, etc.
  • Where is the accommodation? And how far is it from attractions?
  • What is the price range?
  • What does it include & exclude? Are there optional extras like baggage storage, etc.?
  • Accessibility?

Important Things To Remember

  1. Make sure you’re selecting GOOD accommodation with positive reviews (generally ones with a rating of 8 or higher), that fit the post topic (e.g budget-friendly BnBs or best honeymoon hotels)
  2. Write interesting descriptions – don’t just copy the source websites.
  3. Images must be royalty-free, and not taken from third-party provider sites.

Common Activity Affiliate Sites:

  • Booking.com
  • Airbnb.com
  • Agoda.com

When looking for products you can:

  • Check out other affiliate sites
  • Google your topic and see which products come up

The best products will be ones that:

  • Are on one of the third-party provider sites
  • Fit with your keywords & headings
  • Have good user ratings
  • Have enough information about them


Over to You

Head over to the task sheet and pick your first accommodation affiliate post. These come in many shapes and sizes, so chat to your mentor so they can help you pick the perfect one.

Remember: Some sites have their own templates for these posts, but the process of finding and adding the links will be the same.

Once you’ve completed your first product review post, click on ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.