Writing an Activity Affiliate Post

Activity affiliate posts are popular in travel niche sites. They are also a big part of our internal content strategy.

They may seem complicated at first, but are really fun to write once you start.

Types of Activity Affiliate Posts

  • Single activity reviews
  • ‘Things to do’ posts
  • Best (activities) for (type of traveller)

Finding Activities

To find activities, use one of our affiliate sites and search for the type of activity and/or the destination. Choose activities that have a good number of positive reviews.

What to Write

Much like with any of our review posts, we use descriptions and customer reviews to write compelling, informative and honest posts.

Include points such as:

  • Who the activity is ideal for?
  • Where and when can you do this activity?
  • Price
  • What does it include & exclude?
  • Ages it’s appropriate for?
  • Accessibility?

Important Things To Remember

  1. Make sure you’re selecting GOOD activities from well-reviewed organisers/tour guides.
  2. Write interesting descriptions – don’t just copy the source websites.
  3. Images must be royalty-free, and not taken from third-party provider sites.

Common Activity Affiliate Sites:

When looking for products you can:

  • Check out other affiliate sites
  • Google your topic and see which products come up

The best products will be ones that:

  • Are on one of the third-party provider sites
  • Fit with your keywords & headings
  • Have good user ratings
  • Have enough information about them

Over to You

Are you ready to try it out yourself? Take your pick from activity posts in the task sheet and try it out yourself. Chat with your mentor before picking one of these up, and they’ll be able to help you along the way.

Remember: Some sites have their own templates for these posts, but the process of finding and adding the links will be the same.

Once you’ve completed your first activity review post, click on ‘Complete’ and go to the next lesson.