Writing an Amazon Affiliate Post

Writing an Amazon Affiliate Post

Amazon affiliates are a great way to make money on a website with good authority and traffic. But writing an Amazon post takes some technical know-how and a bit more research than a normal post.

The aim of these posts is to help the readers make an informed purchase decision. You’ll find various formatting and structure layouts depending on the site you are working on. Many of these will have templates (like this one) or we will follow previous post examples.

This guide offers basic guidelines to finding and writing about Amazon products – but it’s important to tailor the post according to the site you’re writing for.

Rules For Writing an Amazon Affiliate Post

  • All products must be on Amazon or other approved websites
  • All products must have at least 4 stars
  • Each product must have a good number of reviews (the more the better)
  • Keep paragraphs below 100 words for readability
  • Link internally to other articles on the same topic
  • Link out to relevant authority sites
  • Embed a relevant youtube video somewhere in the post
  • When mentioning a product, always add a link to the product you’re talking about

Product Selection

You need to choose products from Amazon that fit the criteria of your keyword string (eg if the keyword string is “best budget sleeping bags” you must ensure that you choose BUDGET sleeping bags etc).

Ensure the products you choose have good reviews (at least 4 stars, but the higher the better). Also make sure that they have many reviews (should be at least ~100, but the more the better – if you can get in the thousands that’s ideal).

You should also browse for other review posts on the same topic, and try to find out if there are some clear winners that you should be writing about.

We want to recommend great products to our audience. That way, the site will deliver value, and we will establish our reader’s trust.

Do your Research

It’s important that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic before you start writing about it or choose products to write about. You want to come across as knowledgeable and convey valuable information to the audience.

Look up guides on how to choose the best product (eg how to choose the best sleeping bag), and read about the main criteria for decision making.

Product Reviews

This section is the main portion of the article, where you’ll write in-depth reviews for each of the products. The heading for this section should be along the lines of *Best “Keyword” Reviews*, or something similar. Please change this up for each article.

You’ll get your information for this section primarily from the product page on Amazon. Read the entire product page carefully and then go through some of the user reviews in order to understand the product completely. You may also want to do some research on the product outside of Amazon.

Search within the user reviews for ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’. This will come in handy when you do the pros and cons section for each product.

Review the best product first and mention early on that this is the best overall product.

List each product as an <h3>. Write a few paragraphs about the product. Each paragraph should be less than 75 words. Explain why it’s a good product and mention some flaws (no more than 250 words).

Each product should have:

  • An honest and engaging review of the product explaining why it’s good
  • Affiliate link
  • The title is some variation of *Keyword* reviews in a paragraph

Overall Article Guidelines


CHECK YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS. Make sure they have the correct affiliate tag in the URL.

Amazon does not allow website owners to download images. Product images must be added using a third-party plugin such as EasyAzon.

If the post calls for a table, products should be added into a Google sheet with the necessary columns (i.e price, rating, etc.) and then the table is added when uploading – using a plugin.

Be Sure to Link Out

Link out to 2 – 5 authority sites per article. Linking out to relevant authority sites helps Google understand what your articles are about. It also sends a trusting message to Google that you’re not hoarding your link juice.

Rules for linking out

  • The site must not be competing for your main keyword or our other keywords.
  • Stay away from Wikipedia most of the time. It does have its place, but don’t default to using it.
  • Use natural anchor text that describes what you’re linking to.

Over to You

Do you feel ready to tackle an Amazon post? They can seem a bit intimidating, but most writers enjoy them once they start. So head to the task sheet and pick out an Amazon post with the help of your mentor. Good luck and enjoy!